dobe Landscaping provides fine, high quality fence design and construction. We specialize in cedar, non-traditional and metallic modern fencing. We work side-by-side with each client to design and plan the right fence for each unique space.

Reese Zollinger, owner operator of Adobe Landscaping Co., has been building fences since he was a young man growing up on a farm in northern Utah. The construction of cow, horse, and hedge fencing were common practices on a family farm, and he learned fencing as a necessity, rather than as art or architectural design.

His years building gardens in New Mexico provided a spanish, colonial influence through working with natural materials, such as adobe bricks, and building with native woods while using traditional methods of fence construction.

These years, Reese builds fences using an array of techniques he’s developed over the past decade. He and his crew will be happy to design and dream with you while remaining conscious of using the most appropriate materials for your specific site.

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