• West Seattle
    Rainbow Pavers Landing
  • West Seattle
    Rainbow Landing & Path
  • Phinney Ridge
    Blue Mountain Flagstone Patio
  • Magnolia
    Blue Mountain Pavers Patio
  • Magnolia
    Blue Mountain Paver Patio
  • Blue Mountain Pavers
    Detail of Paver Patio
  • Ballard Patio
    Pacific Slate Paver Patio
  • Greenlake Patio
    Detail of Pacific Slate Paver Patio
  • Phinney Ridge Driveway
    Detail of Driveway Pavers w/ Cast Iron Channel Drain
  • Capital Hill
    Texada Paver Sidewalk
  • Ballard

Pavers & Patios


here is something extraordinary about having personal space that uniquely reflects and enhances your eccentricities.

Here at Adobe Landscaping Co., we hear your call, modern urban dweller, and we understand that you’re also in need of outdoor rooms, spaces where you can stretch out and enjoy the beauty that we’re all surrounded with. Spaces where you can be wild, where you can temper that urban side and perhaps sit around a fire with friends late into the summer evening.

We’re here to help you build that – we’re here to help you reclaim that wild, outdoor part of yourself. Our philosophy is that clients are patrons, and we are the artists commissioned to create outdoor installations that reflect their proclivities.

We’ll dream with you – please contact us for a free quote!